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care reform, one of the authors of this bill, mr. waxman, the ranking member of energy and commerce, from california. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. waxman: i thank the gentleman for yielding to me. the truth of the matter is no matter how many votes the republicans cast to repeal the affordable care act, and no matter how many distortions they spread about the law, there are some facts they cannot change. they cannot change the fact that because the affordable care act nobody in america can ever again be denied health insurance because they have a pre-existing condition. they cannot change the fact that a woman can never be charged more than a man for the same coverage. they cannot change the fact that a family will never again be left without coverage just because their child's hospital bills got too high. these facts are stubborn. they are inconvenient for my republican colleagues, so they ignore them and they deny them. republicans have voted or will today 50 times to try to take away the basic security and freedom guaranteed by the aff
the deficit. most important of all, it is about energy independence for our country. it is about working with canada and producing energy in this country so that we get our energy here locally rather than having to get it from the middle east. that is what americans want. they want us to be energy secure in this country. to do that, we need to produce more energy like we are doing in my state of north dakota and montana across the border. movepipeline would mode -- that loyal as well as canadian oil. it is about producing oil here, or getting it from our closest friend and neighbor, canada, rather than being dependent on the middle east. classification you to have to wait on a pipeline, how safe israel transportation of these products versus pipeline transportation? is it.that we are becoming more energy secure. it is great. it is jobs and what people want. to go with that energy, we need infrastructure. that infrastructure includes pipelines as well as moving products safely by train or truck. the keystone xl will take 500 trucks a day off rose in western north dakota. it is a safety is
up energy production all over the countr country, fracking, you tell me, these five things, i would think the alternative party in the country could agree with? >> well, sean, to quote jerry mcguire, you had me at hello. >> i'm trying to get an answer. >> i completely agree. yes, yes, yes and yes. you're exactly right. but look, that is presenting a positive pro-growth vision. there is a better way. we can bring back economic growth and get people back to work but not continuing down the road of the obama economic policy which is hurting millions of american's all over this country. >> are you seriously considering, a lot of people banter your name out there, are you considering a run for the 2016 presidency? >> well, i appreciate the question. right now i'm trying to win the senate. i think republicans can take control of the senate in 2014. my view as a senator, as a voter, the person who i intend to vote for is whoever is standing up and leading, whoever is effectively leading. i hope everyone stepping up. i hope we have an abundance of riches. that would be a terrific outcome fo
the government off the backs and the necks of energy companies, as i have interviewed more people in the energy world. there is more energy combined in this country, shell oil, gas and coal than in the entire middle east combined. >> they're not going to complain there is a fracking problem in his neighborhood. >> he is seeing over it. >> and the polls show that most women wish they had the luxury to stay at home and raise their children. but what the vice president is talking about is not the luxury to stay home, it is doing it on other taxpayer's dimes, to get the subsidies in order to buy the health care plans. >> that is exactly what he is saying. >> not what he is talking about. >> the family of four. >> i agree. >> he is taking money from taxpayers to support -- to not work. >> real quick. >> if you stay home with children you know you are working more than any of us who are working full-time jobs. >> wait a minute. >> sean -- >> but who is paying for her to stay home. >> oh, my goodness. >> that is how liberals would like it. >> it is hard, hard work. >> i know it is hard work but why --
and the guy that's supplying the energy for the united states? >> host: where did you read they pay for leasing of the land and taxes? >> caller: that's just on the internet. >> host: zachary goldfarb, the oil companies and gas company to pay taxes and they do have to pay the federal government to lease these lands. >> guest: that's right. the reason the government thinks is there is its multiple. first, the government belief these are public lands in many cases and some some of the benefits of that oil and gas should spread the people in those committees and around the country and not just into the pockets of the company. secondly, there is enforcement, environmental regulations in terms of government oversight when you do natural resource billing and exploration in the united states to protect in private, natural habitats and so forth. that needs to be paid for as well. i think the funds and licensing fees go to that support. >> host: freelancer on twitter, how much debt did bush leave? i read 11.5 trillion spent in eight years and the gop act like they have nothing to do with the
's parliament, kerry promised a billion dollar loan guarantee designed to ease the sting of energy costs. officials traveling with kerry had voiced concern that russian president vladimir putin who last week sent tens of thousands of forces may be preparing for a larger invasion of eastern ukraine. putin himself looking relaxed at a state res dnls outside moscow held a rare news conference in which he suggested any such broader invasion would be a last resort but well within russia's right because they have received approval by yanukovych. >> even if i take a decision to use armed force, it would be legitimate, in the norms of international law, and in this case, it would also correspondent to our interest in protecting the people who are closely tied to us historically, culturally, economically. >> kerry has emphasized the u.s. wants to de-escalate the crisis, responding to putin's comments. >> he really denied there were troops in crimea? >> yes, he did. >> i have spoken directly to president putin today as i can. it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of
exports travel through the pipelines that go through ukraine, so how is energy factoring in this equation? >> it's vital. we're being aggressive because we don't depend on russian energy, where as the germans, this is a big debate. maybe this is a positive thing that the russians depend on a trade with europe and why putin's backing off now, or does it make the europeans dependent on russia? >> it's fot really an option for russia to stop the exports. that would be self defeating economically. >> true, but we were talking earlier, on monday the russian stock market lost $70 billion, at the same time, vladimir putin spent $50 billion on the sochi olympics, so i think it's the economic costs making it pause now. >> at some point it's got to have enough of an impact on the russian economy that he's sitting up and taking notice. >> yes, that's why the u.s. is pushing harder for economic sanctions. i think the economic issues make him pause. he's unlikely to push further into ukraine with his troops, but if he feels he's going to lose his warm water port in crimea, which this is all about, he
-up. 5.5 million euros per day. russia is a major exporter of energy to europe and a lot of those pipelines go through ukraine. this is a fear premium put into the price of energy and it is affecting our everyday prices. charles: it has applications to the idea this will be east-west, for tat economic sanctions. to a large degree europe needs that oil. sandra: this is also being seen as an opportunity for the united states. the reopen of the discussion of the keystone pipeline, more exports of liquefied natural gas. this could be an opportunity for the united states. charles: oil was already breaking out before this crisis. anything else going on beneath the surface other than the headlines? sandra: it is a safe haven buying. people want to own something other than equities because they see those as the riskiest assets to own right now. charles: a huge move up $31, what is it? gold has one of the roughest years ever last year, now all of a sudden it is seen as a safe haven, why is it a safe haven? sandra: everybody institutionally are piling on. the most bullish they have been on
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bilateral and multilateral interactions. energy cooperation talks were canceled. the obama administration has placed a hold on all aspects of bilateral interaction. host: is it enough to have sanctions to influence what is going on in ukraine? the economic situation in russia may be more marvel to economic pressures than most -- may be more vulnerable to economic pressure than most people think. other analysts are not so sure. the russian system is extremely opaque. not a lot of good data is coming out. they have the ability to manipulate that data. has taken the decision that whatever costs or pressure he is to suffer under, willing to take those costs. he still sees the benefits. what is the point of all this? putin, ukraine and crimea are personal issues. many russians believe that crimea is russian territory. the people there identify as russian and crimea should always be a part of russia. there is a nationalistic element , a domestic, political element. has aly, putin long-standing policy of projecting russian power. some will say it is an effort to reconstitute the soviet bloc. i t
on from the election year. they have a plan to grow an economy use ingee inpen pens as -- energy and cutting backses would you tell a goal all americans share. >> we were talking about during the break we could put every person who wants a job if we could tap the resources to the economy. i am getting thousands of people jobs paying 70, can 80, 90 and 100,000 dollars a year. >> what you don't do is harm americans who are least able to afford energy. am energy effects all households. but when the regulation with the fuel city. jobs are lost. these least able to affohigher m closing crews. stay with us. it's a natural source of fiber and 5 essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. try sunsweet's amazing juices and new amazing prune light. iwe don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for
a relatively modest economy with the exception of its energy capabilities and leverage. it's got a military that has a lot of nuclear weapons it's a conscript military. he is, today, punching way above his weight class, and the united states is punching way below ours. >> mr. secretary, thank you for talking to us, you bet. >> as the ukraine crisis gets worse even the mainstream media -- washington editorial saying president obama's foreign policy based on fantasy. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, glad to be with you from london. >> yes. i don't mean to be heart beat on editorial. seems to be a departure when the "the washington post" comes out and uses the term fantasy at such an ominous time it's an accurate description of what's going on. the president's main problem is that he just doesn't care about america national security issues. he doesn't focus on it. he said back in the 2008 campaign that his priority was transforming american society. that's what he is up to. so, in 2008, nato made a terrible mistake when the europeans rejected our
for economic security and job creation so we can continue to have energy independence in the united states and not by foreign oil. pretty simple. >> he's got a telephone and a pen. i wish he would use it an keystone. let's move on. governor fallin, he did state to the governors and of course you're the chair to the association. what else was he selling? for example, i recon he talked about the minimum wage which has become very controversial after a cbo study that says it will cost jobs. what do you say about the minimum wage? >> well, one of the things we do when we come together for our winter meeting is to take about issues with the president. of course he talks about the issues that are important on his agenda. he did push for the minimum wage. he's talking a lot about climate change. he's talking about the work force which we talk about a lot, i think it's important to the nation. he talked about infrastructure development and of course the governors are saying we need more flexibility. we believerevolution. we talked about work force skills and closing the gap between what employers
of reprocessing in order to, for example, provide domestic energy, nuclear energy plants. many countries in the world have nuclear energy. but only a handful actually process it themselves. most just decide to buy it already processed from abroad. we have agreements and we have arrangements with countries all over the planet that do that. only a handful actually retain the capacity to reprocess it or -- or -- or to enrich uranium or reprocess plutonium. when you see a country -- when you see a country announce that they are going to invest money, time and energy in developing a processing -- a reprocessing or an enrichment exaibilityd, that raises -- capability, that raises red flags and here's why. because while you only need a certain level of enrichment to be able to provide nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and a little bit of a higher level in order to be able to use it for medical isotopes, the exact same machines, the exact same facilities, the exact same scientists are the exact same runs that can also reprocess or enrich to an even higher level to use in a weapon. the story o
with the energy department's achingly slow approval process. >> i think we should move forward on natural gas exports very quickly. i think we should approve an lng terminal to go to europe. i think we should show that the u.s. is going to be moving forward on becoming energy independent. >> so using this crisis to push a pipeline? yes. and on the headline on a right wing blog says quote, ukraine crisis means drill, baby, drill. so the answer to the problems in ukraine is to drill, baby, drill? wait a minute. what happened to yesterday's attack? you know, the one from senator lindsey graham when he tweeted, quote, it started with benghazi. when you kill americans and nobody pays a price, you invite this type of aggression. it started with benghazi. but i thought it was about drilling? so i wonder what's next. repealing obamacare will show putin who's boss? or slashing food stamps will keep russian troops at bay? do they think we wouldn't notice they're using an international crisis to push their domestic agenda? this isn't even close to a nice try. but we got you. hey there, i just got my bil
in washington this week, gives the members of the caucus renewed energy and purpose. events held during rare disease week highlight what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done and there is a lot to do but we will do it together. i am working on important legislation in this area, the bipartisan modernizing our drug and diagnostic evaluation and regulatory network, or modern cures act, that will update the nation's drug evaluation process to encourage the discovery and development of new treatments for chronic and rare diseases. the measure will also create a system that rewards efficiency and defectiveness to the benefit of all persons with rare diseases. the modern cures act will encourage the development of drugs abandoned in the development process. it will create a new category of drugs known as dormant therapies for compounds with insufficient patent protections, drugs that offer the promise to treat conditions with unmet medical needs. updating regulatory networks, such as patent reform, will help open the pipeline for new innovations and therapies. patients with degener
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energy. obama's energy policy. today the epa issued a regulation where gas prices are going to go up $10 a gallon. all these policies are harming hard-working americans, even the coal miners are being harmed with regulations. with obamacare, i think they should continue to talk about it. >> so you agree with continuing on the attack mode instead of coming out and saying, here's what we would do? >> we have proposed some things. we have harry reid, who's standing in the way in the senate. so, you know, there are some ideas that are on the table in the house, but they have not gone past harry reid. >> julie, the polls are working in the democrats' favor because the majority of americans would rather see obamacare proceed albeit with course corrections. >> right. you know, i can't believe i'm giving the republicans advice, but what i would do, if i were advising republicans, is i wouldn't nationalize this election. this is a midterm. you're not running a presidential. what works, for example, in kentucky against mitch mcconnell, where obamacare has been successful and is ensuring tens of th
amounts would cut the initial amounts of energy programs. he is having a lot of his prime programs in order to focus on infrastructure. the private sector should be focusing on this. this is what "the washington times" says. anotherident announced 600 million dollars in competitive grant funding through the federal transportation department to pay for construction and repair projects in states. of thehe latest round transportation investment generating economic recovery program, which began as part of obama's 2009 stimulus package. should be rallying together the different transportation organizations that have the budget and the know-how to make something possible. throwing money at something that is not -- that does not have a full flange is -- is the problem of the administration. caller: i appreciate you discussing this topic. day to goke all through the list that are going on in my home town report that need to be done. host: why is that? illinois, they are broke and our community is broke. it would take a program like the one barack obama is mentioning to come up with the fun
across the plains and northeast and give us the energy for our next winter storm. there is the satellite radar imagery. easy some areas 6-12 inches. you see that plentiful rain and rotation across portions of central california. much-needed rainfall, but it comes with a price with the potential of mud slides and flash flooding. we'll continue to see the onshore rain in towards california and the southwest. that energy is going to move eastward and give us the potential for a big ice storm as well as a snowstorm. you see the pinks. this is sunday 9:00 a.m. across the ohio river valley, tennessee river valley where we could see significant icing up to 1/2 inch of ice will be very dangerous on the roads and power lines. there is monday morning. we could see the potential for severe weather across the southeast where we have warm moist, unstable air ahead of this. then we have the icing in memphis to the northeast. the latest computer modeling is showing that this storm is going to move more southward than we originally anticipated. we'll have to fine-tune this forecast. here is the snowfall
in a decade. how the re-election of president obama may have drained energy from these movements. >>> and former new england patriot aaron hernandez is reportedly accused of beating up another inmate while behind bars. the latest on the life of this fallen nfl star, who, of course, stands accused of murder. >>> and florida's stand your ground law is allowing a blind man to get his guns back after shooting and killing his friend. it is our "news nation" gut check. >>> you can join our conversation on twitter, find me and my team. before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. what are
on oil, energy and other manufacturing companies. the capital cost deductions have been reduced. but as steve said, you're basically -- look, the two basic rates here are 10% and 25%. that's two basic rates. now, i regret that they had to hit higher rates to path surtax on. we wanted that for years. you could leave that 35% rate alone and everybody could have the 15% rate. everybody else could have a 15% rate. i would have preferred he go there. >> i don't take the camp plan as definitive if that was the only thing out there i would take it. in see it as putting something on table, taking all the secrecy away from it. one i want shows the tax code has to be junked but two it shows there's a lot of ways you can get massive tax deductions by removing these preferences. if you have a vibrant economy you won't see a 15% decline in housing values. people will buy more houses and move around this country. >> hugh, the gop has to have a growth message. now we can maybe really -- i can tweak -- look i did it on the air. i asked him about a lot of these flaws. the gop has got to have a
? >> -- in a district twice that was 53% republican. she is now running for governor of texas. we never saw energy of the type of the sort of the size that we saw when wendy davis did the filibuster. there were hundreds of thousands of people who showed up. and let me tell you, women are mad in texas. democrats are mad in texas. people who have not voted in a very long time are mad in texas. and the best thing that could happen is to have the farthest right wing fruitcake on the ticket run against her. >> is that greg abbott you described? >> he is one of them. with greg we can go after him on the redistricting and fighting the medicaid expansion. there will be a litany of issues that people are angry about. those are the people who are starting to turn out the vote and have a lot of excitement about wendy at the top of this ticket. >> thanks for coming on. state representative donna dukes. i'm going to learn that name and hear it many times. anyway, thank you wayne slater. you always give us the goods. >>> up next, the debate over charter schools. it's a red hot fight right in new york city. did
? shorter refueling times. private women fits -- benefits account for 92% of the benefits in energy efficient standards, and 70% energy efficiency standards for refrigerators. the private benefit accounting is a claim depriving consumers of preferred choices would make them better off. benefits like fuel savings are worth more to consumers than realized. to exclude regulations from analysis based on faulty and misleading benefits analysis would only encourage distortion. the identified burdensome new mandates for the parties that have to bear the burden. you see that company bears the burden, that cost gets passed on directly to consumers. so this quote-unquote private benefits that you're going to get more benefit than you thought would you get or see, doesn't offis the the cost they do see coming out of their paycheck when gasoline's more expensive, groceries are more expensive, electricity is more expensive. often parties who pay the cost of these regulations are not the same parties that actually enjoy the benefits. even if a rule is predicted to have a net benefit impacted enco
energy because you ask asked. charles: it is a canadian company. and oil sands play. they don't like to use the word "tar." we had so we ask about this. it is really fascinating. the last time they reported up huge, setting a record, $8 billion, take the dividend by 15% and they are doing extremely well right now. stuart: what do they do? charles: they have traditional exploration around the world but their big thing now is the oil sands. stuart: for new deposits? >> they got it, they are drilling and getting more and more of this out. stuart: if they build a pipeline, that stock goes up or down. charles: absolutely. they think the keystone pipeline xl will be built. i thought that was interesting. somebody else's stock. stuart: now a charles pick hitting a new low. that thing is taking it on the chin. do you want to explain? charles: we took a loss this morning. stuart: a total failure. aren't you? we love you, charles. let's and on a high note. redeem yourself, up 48% since i had it on this show. they make convection ovens. stuart: you are kidding me. charles: their business is the
at the radar. some of this energy is moving across the southwest, and fueling our next snowstorm and ice storm unfortunately across the central u.s. you see the pinks on the korean. that's where the freezing rain and sleet is falling. north of that is where we have the heavy snow, and in some cases we could certainly see up for to a foot of snow. look at the cold front. this is meteorology 101. you can really see it. it's a powerful arctic front. these are current temperatures, not windchills in the single digits and the minus digits here. 35 in memphis. that's where we're sealing that icy mixture. ahead of that very warm, unestablish are stable area. but again dangerous windchills where it feels minus teens, minus 20s across the northern plains. this winter could be one of the coldest on record for the northern plains and upper midwest. back to you, eric. >>> just promise spring. spring and summer will be here -- >> soon. i think it's like 18 days officially on the calendar. >>> unbelievable. >>> the pentagon is planning to cut the size of the u.s. army to levels that have been unseen in near
. russia iso say that putting pressure on ukraine. there are challenges with respect to their energy sources. we are committed firmly to the direction they have chosen for themselves. we will talk about the neighborhood, the region. i look forward to a timely conversation as i depart for tf. >> thank you for this conversation. grateful.remely we are building a functioning institution. tolerantilding a society, making sure that we are ofe to ensure the benefits the citizens of mobile the. a strategicch dialogue, which i am sure will be extremely important in building a more functioning society. we were able to resume the activities of the trade commission because we are indeed accessterested to spend -- we would like to see more american investment in the economy. the response from the usc cr is extremely promising. we will launch today to make sure that there are working groups. numeric and step forth -- it is about the security cooperation. some verythe region .egative developments unfolding since we are the neighbor of ukraine -- [indiscernible] everything that happens in ukraine i
to bring back america to what america used to be. they wanted the strength, the energy, the excitement that most of us have to be americans. in little old idaho, they partyd, you know, the tea patriots are so racist -- they decided they wanted a puerto rican mormon to be there congressman. [laughter] [applause] so hard for me that in my primary i got outspent 5-1. they could not raise the money. but they raised the forces to beat the establishment. and i won my race by nine points. when the preferred candidate of the establishment lost, the ok.ded that a were the establishment decided they did not want me to be here in washington dc, so they were not going to help me in my race. they decided to move onto other races. party, and many of you in idaho, decided that they wanted me to win. 6-1 in my general election. guess what? i won that race by 10 points. [applause] i am here to tell you that you can and have made a difference for the united states. it is important that you get together and make a difference again in 2014. we need to take our country back. whated to remind americans the
, putin has been using a number of weapons of coercion. especially energy. ukraine is dependent for about 70% of its natural gas from russia. and putin has wielded that very astutely. used it to undermine reformists, getti ian yanukovych back in po. that has failed in this instance and he's resorted to his more lethal weapon, the army. >> in the past, he has cut off that supply to ukraine. they're a vulnerable area financially. he knows all of this. what's his end game? >> well, ultimately, you know, like a lot of strong men or dictators, if you will, they need something to justify their power. and whipping up nationalism is a great way to do it. putin has said repeatedly, he thought the break-up of the ussa ha is a terrible thing. he want to re-create that. anyone who is part of the former ussr, putin looks at as a fake country. and so, you know, whipping up nationalism, going in and saying that you're going to protect russians in ukraine. the russians in ukraine were just fine and they would be fine under the new government there. that is, you know, an excuse to go in. and a flimsy one
important key place for energy to go to other parts of the globe, and if you're wondering how that may affect you here at home, you may already be feeling it. aaa and reporting that gas prices as a national average rose to 3.40 last night. these up 18 cents from where they were just one month ago. and analysts point out that a large percentage of that is a fear premium being priced into oil and gasoline as a result of this crisis in ukraine. neil? >> thank you, san contract. even if the situation of the ukraine is eventually calm, the impact on oil prices may not be for quite some time. here's more on that. >> you can call it cold weather, you can see a cold war. this is already impacting prices here. the one thing you really want to focus on is diesel fuel. that is where you may see the most impact. the reason is that mainly -- europe gets natural gas through the pipelines from russian. if they've get cut off they'll have to look for alternatives. that means heating oil. on top of that you have this cold weather here in the united states. that is why the demand -- that's conspiring to
for the vote because about three months ago, they pulled a nominee from the federal energy regulatory commission because of opposition that was strong. that's not a very high-profile position. he was yanked, and this, this was provocative, and politically they should have known better than to call it up if they didn't want the president to issue that statement. >> there you go. >>> up next, former first lady barbara bush sits down with fox news and ponders the possibility of a future offspring in the white house. mrs. bush when "the five" returns. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of theountry's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. ♪ >>> events from the past week have us talking about who is best suited for the oval office in 2016. big names are being floated on the left and right. there's hillary, biden, paul, and rubio, and current governor chris christie and former governor jeb bush. who is best qualifie
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approach that takes the concerns and anxieties of these people into account would promote clean energy even as it acknowledges the real-world biflts of traditional sources of energy. my point is this: the administration has broken faith with the middle class and it's stirred up strong emotions; especially among those of us who want to see a better life for those struggling to make it in our states. almost everyone feels let down. a lot of folks are really angry, and it is a real tragedy, not only because of the missed opportunities and the human cost of these policies but also because the president ran for office and promised a very, very different approach. it's tragic because the very folks he's talked about helping are the ones who seem to suffer the most under his presidency. and its tragic because it appears he answered the question i posed in january that he's prepared to double down on the left and throw in the towel on the middle class. how else can you explain the obsession with all of these peripheral, ideological issues at a time when americans are demanding good, stable, high-pa
and reinforced iran's position that that is not negotiable, their ability to produce atomic energy, the plea to enium reactor at iraq. this is deeply, deeply troubling and it is one of the reasons that we need to send a clear message now here. they came to the table because of sanctions. the sanctions were having a deteriorating effect on their economy. yet recently we have seen that my fear is that the sanctions regime is unraveling and they're actually using this negotiation with the administration to further unravel those sanctions, to get what they want without an insurance policy that we will get what we want. and that's what this sanction legislation does. and wufnght issues that has come up is in february a french trade delegation representing 116 french companies traveled to tehran. recently i met with one of the arab nation's foreign ministers and he told me that the hotel rooms in tehran are filled with businessmen and women looking to line up, to do business with tehran. this is a real issue that the sanctions regime is starting to unravel and the legislation that we have -- that'
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will focus on transportation, energy, rural telecommunications and tourism. tourism is montana's second largest sector. it not only contributes to our state's economy but also helps preserve the outdoor heritage that makes montana such a slice of heaven. i will bring montana courage to the united states senate where i will fight on behalf of the people of montana to protect social security and medicare and in my new role on the aging committee, and i'm also prepared to help fix some of washington's problems while serving on the rules committee. i know i only just joined this distinguished body. but i also know there is real work to be done to get our country on the right track again. beginning on day one, i rolled up my sleeves and started working. my purpose here is to have the courage to do what's right for the people of montana, our veterans and the united states of america. thank you for this amazing opportunity, and may god bless the united states of america. thank you. i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call quorum: quoru
but maybe it will tell us about being able to store energy in solar cells completely revolutionizing this industry. stuart: if you get a battery that holds a lot of power and runs a couple hundred miles on your car you just won the electric car world. if you say anything like that you won get all. that is why the stock is above 254260. 254, we will take that. su lily, the amazon for moms. it is rallying for the third day in a row. -pcome on, tell me why. nicole: this is a stock that people probably weren't falling so closely until this week. this stock today was up 12% which is double the sale, $22 idea. this is ecommerce. you go to the internet for moms and kids and they have apparel and home goods, double their sales, stock is 12%, is that 70%. stuart: we call it amazon for moms. charles: momentum is growing. stuart: dow jones industrial average up 25 points. janet yellen is telling the senate banking committee economic conditions have changed since the last appearance before the house a couple weeks ago. economy could be weaker because of the weather. doesn't know how much weaker
california. so that storm system is going to head east, and some of the energy from that system is going to help enhance another system out here that could potentially produce as much as 6-12 inch obviously snow from the northeast into parts of hid west and ice -- midwest and ice accumulation another big concern as well, bill. bill: can't wait til march which is tomorrow. >> yeah. maybe late march will bring better news. bill: maria, we pulled this image off of in noaa, the web site. this is a satellite image of the great lakes that maria was just talking about. look at this? i mean, everything's frozen. this is lake superior up here, here's lake huron, lake michigan on the left and lake erie and the zoom function is lake ontario. it has been about 18 or 20 years suns we've seen an image like this, but this just looks cold. it looks like the arctic. it looks like the north pole. you want to go there? we were just talking to michele bachmann who's going to minnesota later today. she says it's 11 below. martha: it does, it looks exactly like the way you would picture the north pole. lake e
controlled energy giant. they have already committed some aid to ukraine. >> i think that is still to be discussed. later today at 5:00 p.m. paris time, john kerry will meet with secretary lavrov of russia, so they will have a chance to talk about that then. at 3:30, there will also be a meeting on the sidelines to talk about ukraine. russia has been offering money to ukraine, supposedly the metallic them with the gas debt -- supposedly, to help them with the gas debt. much,ira, thank you so traveling with a secretary in paris, france. let's get to company news. >> we start with standard chartered bank. posting a profit for the first time in a decade. business in south korea we can. .hey broken its korean business because the bulk of its profit from the asia-pacific region. a drop in the ruble slowing adidas down. forecasting full-year profit as much as 17% below analysts estimates. they blamed weakness in the ruble and argentineover the shortfall. apple it's a new cfo. your oppenheimer retiring from the post at the end of september. oppenheimer has been with the company for 18 yea
. ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive, i had to do something. i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red
. west coast over 4 inches of rain from the storm in l.a. today we start to see the energy move to the east. this is where the storm is now. you see the snow across parts of the great lakes. it's going to sag a little farther off towards the south today and tomorrow. take a look at all of these states across the central part of the country an ohio river valley under winter storm warnings. get ready. it's today. it will be done by tomorrow evening but snowfall totals i think are going to be a little less than we were considering before. we're going to see a lot of areas in the 4 to 6 inch range. same from new york city towards d.c. so not as bad i think as we thought which is good news. >> except for philly. >> you're going to get some snow. i don't think it's going to be huge. not a foot. >> thanks. >> coming up, what does harry reid think about the millions of americans with obama care horror stories. >> lies. distorted by the republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements. >> tell that to our next guest, a doctor who lost insurance for her patients and employee
across california now producing a tornado warning this morning. you can see this vigorous energy pulling into central california and southern california where it's been very rainy. we have been talking about the town of asousa a town budded up against the gabriel mountains. see this one cell in this lap loop right there -- here it comes. here to comes. i promise. there it is. tornado warning with that one. if you are up watching us there right now you need to take cover because potentially having some very dangerous conditions right there. here we will watch this storm pull out towards the east. winter storm warnings across the country right now. snow develop later on today in kansas city and tomorrow. a the love snow. 8 to 12 inches. winter and watches posted as you go farther to the east. a little bit later delayed. we will see that weather get there temperaturewise, get ready for another really cold night tonight. minus 25 in. meteorological. >> talking to my daughter last night. she lives outside of the san francisco bay area. they had a tornado near sacramento. one or two a year. ye
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